Project IGI: I’m Going In


Project IGI: I’m Going in is a first-person shooter game that was developed by Innerloop Studios and it was released on Dec 15th, 2000 by Eidos Interactive. The game features blend of stealth, covert surveillance, and high-powered firefights at secret military bases. In the game, you have to do a lot a creeping in shadows and sneaking around security cameras. You also have to hack computers in the game to deactivate surveillance systems and use binoculars to scout the area. The game has 14 missions that are often complex and large with manageable objectives. You need to access large number of weapons in the game to win at missions. You are equipped with some weapons at the start of game and you pick up some of them by killing guards as the game progresses.   

Characters in the game includes David Llewellyn Jones, Rebecca Anya, Jach Priboi, Josef Priboi, Captain Harrison and Ekk. David Llewellyn Jones is the main character of the game who is an agent of IGI (institute for Geotactical Intelligence) and a fomer British SAS (Special Air Service) operator. Rebecca Anya is a contact character for Jones who directs him on missions via radio though she once appears in final mission of the game. Jach Priboi is a Soviet arms dealer and Josef Priboi is his nephew. Captain Harrison is an ex-Green Beret who aid Jones in some missions. Ekk is a Russian woman who intends to destroy Europe by nuclear warfare.      

The plot of the game is as follow:

David Jones is sent off by IGI to find Josef Priboi who is believed to have information about a stolen nuclear warhead. As Josef help Jones, Captain Harrison apprehends Josef and discovers that brain of the operation is Josef’s uncle, Jach Priboi. Therefore, Jones then attempts to apprehend Jach. Jones discovers the location of Jach by planting a virus in Jach’s communication centre and apprehends him. As Jones takes away Jach in helicopter, Ekk shots the helicopter and takes equipment of Jones. Jones then has to clear the border to find his equipment. Later, he hijacks the train carrying Jach and takes him for interrogation and find out about the involvement of Ekk with the nuclear warhead. Ekk escapes on her first meeting with Jones but gets killed by Jones. On the other hand, Rebecca Anya defuses the nuclear warhead ”.    

IGI 1 was rated 7.5 out of 10 on GameSpot by game geeks and was followed by IGI 2 in 2003 that was titled “Covert Strike”.    


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  1. Thanks for the good writeup. IGI 1 was a very entertaining PC game. Looking forward for more write-ups like this from you.

  2. ibrahimsaleem says:

    Hopefully, you will be reading my more write-ups like this one in the future.

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