Part 1: In the beginning

John was 18 years old when he graduated from high school. He maintained good grades in all subjects. He was very intelligent and now he was looking forward to take admission in a college with a lot of hope for getting a scholarship. John’s father, Martinez was a servant in a bank and was involved in banking operations dealing with interest. One month has passed after the death of John’s mother, Kaye. She was a chain smoker and died of a heart attack that was unbearable for her.

Martinez was a drunk for 5 years. He became drug addict after getting trapped in an enormous debt of 13 million dollars. Bank job was not proven good for Martinez and his son was very upset for him but what he could do. John did not know what he should do in the circumstances. John had a rich friend whose name was Morven who once offered John a part time job but he refused the offer since John wanted to acquire a job with his own efforts.

John often thought that no one should hurry to proceed in life and his education was also not yet completed. John had lost his mother for addiction but he did not want to lose his father for the same reason and wanted his father to throw away beer bottles because he knew that his father will also suffer the same kind of death in future that his mother faced if he did not give up drinking. It seems that it is almost impossible for his father to stop drinking alcohol.

John’s father wanted to marry a woman by the name of Anika who Martinez thought can pay his debt. John did not like Anika because she was a gambler and he did not like the way she had become rich i.e. through gambling. Martinez once playing chess with John made a bet with him by saying to him that if I won the game with you; then, you could not stop me from marrying Anika and I will quit drinking but if you won; then, I will not marry her but continue to drink.

John did not want to lose his father only for beer, so he thought it is a better option for him to lose the game. At least, he will not see his father as a drunk then, therefore, he lost the game. Martinez married Anika and gave up drinking from that day. Martinez wanted Anika to pay his debts and he asked her for that but she refused to obey him by saying him that that she can bear his expenses but she will not throw her gambling money only to pay his debts.

Martinez could not do anything now since his second wife had refused to help him. His debt was increasing and he had to face the music. Martinez again grabbed the bottle of beer and John was very disturbed for him. John started to hate her step mother since she was the reason for his father’s severe addiction to alcohol. Martinez soon died of a cardiac disorder and blamed her step mother, Anika for his death.

John had decided that he will avenge his father’s death one day by making Anika penniless since Anika’s money was somehow responsible for Martinez’s death. John’s step mother, Anika had never lost a single gamble and John wanted her to lose every gamble after deciding for his avenge. John wanted to learn gambling to get started but he did not know where to start. John remembered the words of his friend, Morven who once said that he will help him whenever he needs him.

John called Morven and asked him that he want to meet him. Morven gave him time and they planned their meeting on the beach on Sunday. John told Morven that he can’t wait to avenge his father’s death and told him about everything from the beginning of his father’s second marriage to his death. Morven was shocked by hearing the name of his step-mother since she was the same person who made his brother, Flake lost all of his gold in a gamble. John was surprized to hear this from his own friend.

John had a leaf in his left hand while he was talking to Morven. The leaf from his left hand fell in the beach after he heard the news about Flakes’ loss to Anika. Morven eyes shined after seeing the leaf fallen from his hand. Morven also wanted to avenge his brother’s loss to Anika and told about it to John. He told him that he will help him learn gambling and took him straightaway to the casino to show him how people bet and gamble. John took three weeks to learn about gambling.

John now wanted to challenge Anika and Morven also wanted to help him. He reminded him that he wants to play with Anika to take revenge and the purpose of Morven’s challenge is to get the gold of his brother back from her. He suggested him to change theirs name based on purpose of their challenge. He said further: In the world of gamble, my name is Morven Gold since I want the gold back and your name should be John Player since you want to play her for a cause that matters to bold people, avenge.

To be continued…


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