Part 2: Now playing

John Player and Morven Gold enters into the Royal Casino, this is the casino in which Anika gambles. Seeing around the casino, they find Anika gathering money she has won recently. John enters into casino with a fake moustache and beard on his face because he did not want Anika to recognize him. Anika had never seen Morven, so he had done nothing with his face.   

Both of them walk near the table where Anika was sitting and stop there. Morven Gold introduces himself by telling her that he is a seller of gold, so he calls himself Morven Gold and introduces John Player as a famous gambler of Las Vegas. He tells Anika that he comes in this casino monthly and when he asked casino’s owner about the best gambler, he told him the name of Anika.

After introducing each other, Morven Gold offers her to have a drink with him and his friend. Morven Gold places a bet for gold of worth 6 million dollars with Anika on the game, Spin the Wheel while drinking. He says to Anika if she wins against him, she will get the gold from him but if he wins; then, she must gamble with John Player for 6 cards of poker and he will serve as a shuffler for them.

Anika laughs after listening to words of Morven Gold because she had never lost a single gamble and accepts the challenge. In the game, Anika bets on number ‘13’ and Morven Gold bets on number ‘8’. Morven has found it out earlier why Anika wins this game every time. He knows that wheel has 13 numbers and she spins the wheel with 13 different angles to get a specific number on the wheel.  

When Anika tries to move the wheel, Morven Gold allusively tell John Player to play his role now. John Player was holding his arms on his back at that time so that Anika is unable to see what he is up to. John presses his finger on the back on a mini size remote control of 1 cm hidden in his belt on back that controls an artificial bee resembling a natural bee. He sends her in direction of Anika’s hand.   

When Anika tries to spin the wheel, artificial bee does her work, Anika feels itching on her skin and her hand loses her natural angle. She spins the wheel and wheel stops on number ’10’. When Anika checks her hand, she finds nothing but some dust on her hand because John Player has already sent the bee away through an opening in the casino with his remote control.     

Morven Gold has already found information about the wheel that is used in the Royal Casino of brand, “Lucky” and he had also practised the angles on the same wheel by bringing the wheel of same brand to his home. When he spins the wheel, he easily brings number ‘8’ on the wheel. Anika astounds after seeing her first defeat and agrees to play the next game with John Player.

John Player places a bet with her by telling her that if he wins the game against her; then, she will give John Player the gold of worth 2 million dollars (that was the gold of same worth that Flake had lost) and if she wins against him; then, he will gave her his half property of worth 100 billion dollars (that was actually Morven’s father property). Anika agrees to play because of her greediness.

Morven Gold informs them while shuffling cards that there are 6 cards of poker in his left hand. 6 poker cards include 5 heart cards and 1 diamond card. The challenge is simple i.e. whoever get three heart cards will win. Morven Gold distributes card in a way that Anika gets unlucky diamond too. He has shuffled cards too quickly and cleverly so that Anika cannot know what happened.

He distributes card one by one. He distributes poker card in a way so that John Player gets the first card and Anika gets the second one & both of them are asked not to see their cards unless all cards are distributed. In the first turn, both Anika and John Player pick their first card and each of them gets heart. In the next turn, John player gets heart again but Anika get astonished with her luck.

Anika gets diamond, she knew she has lost against John Player as there is no need to see the next cards as they will obviously be heart cards. She gives the gold of worth 2 million dollars to John Player. John knows that if he places a bet on property of 200 billion dollars, she will not refuse to play with him as it is the property that is 2000 times more than Anika’s property of 100 million dollars.

John places a bet on his whole property (that is actually property of his friends’ father) with her by saying her that he wants to play with her on game, tossing the coin to try his luck for the last time. He asks Anika that he is betting on his whole property and he also wants the same bet from Anika. She says that she will play with him if she is given the first choice to choose the side of a coin.

Morven Gold knew why Anika is asking to choose the side of a coin first. Morven Gold has found from inspection from his trustworthy friend, James that the coin that is used in Royal Casino has a heavy size print on the side, ‘Head’ and lighter print on the side, ‘Tail’. He knows that the coin is tossed from upside down on a polished wood surface in a casino, so whoever takes head win this game.

Anika chooses head as Morven Gold expected from her but he has also done something with the coin that Anika did not know. Morven Gold’s father was a partner in a company that had made the coin for this game. Morven Gold has already replaced the coin with the help of his father’s friend and brought coins in the casino for the day with tail side printed heavier than the side, head.

John Player and Anika signs the documents of property transfer with casino’s owner & Morven Gold being the eye witnesses for property transfer in case of loss from either of them. Casino’s owner toss the coin since it was the biggest gamble ever made in the casino, so he was asked to toss. Coins fall on the wooden floor after swinging for few seconds and side, tail appears in the end.

Anika put her hands on her face as she is suffering from a severe headache because she has lost all money she had accumulated through hundreds of gambles within seconds. John Player removes his moustache and beard. Morven Gold reminds her about his brother loss to her. John tells her why he played with her and say goodbye to her. Anika falls from the table losing her consciousness.  

John shakes hand with his friend Morven coming out of the casino and thanks him for helping him. He gives him the gold that he has won from Anika. John sells the property of Anika to get all money for it. He receives a call through his friend, Morven that Anika could not bear her loss to him and now she is suffering from coma and doctors say that she may last no longer than a week.  

John does not feel any sorrow for her since she is the person who was responsible for his Martinez’s death. John pays his father debt of 19 million dollars and now he has 81 million dollars left. Morven asks John what he will do with the remaining money, he says to him that he will tell it to him someday. John hears the news of Anika’s death from Morven and no emotion emerges for Anika emerges out of John.

After Anika’s burial, John calls Morven and asks him to meet him on the same beach where they met before for planning a revenge against Anika.    

To be continued…



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