Part 3: Smoking Kills but Who Cares

John and Morven meet each other on the same beach where they made a plan to avenge Anika. John starts the conversation and says to Morven: One day, you asked me what I have decided about the remaining money that we won in the gamble, so I am going to tell you about it now; I have decided that we will launch two new cigarettes in the market separately, the one launched by you will be called, Gold Flake and another will be called, Gold Leaf that has to be launched by me. What do you say?

Morven sees John with astonishment and asks him: Have you gone mad? Don’t you remember the death of your beloved mother? It was her severe addiction to smoking that killed her. Your father died because of addiction. Anika lost to use because she was addicted to gambling and thought she can’t lose. She forgot that she can suffer the same loss of money that she caused others to suffer through gambling. It was a one single day that let her lose her all gambling money and caused her to suffer worst of all deaths. Cigarette is an addictive product. Why do you want to prove it by selling it to people?

John replies: We’ll give people complete awareness about the hazardous consequences of smoking through advertisements; then, we will launch our tobacco product. I will prove it to you one day that there are people in the world who never learn to listen to words of importance and keep committing whatever they desire even if consequences are worst.

John says further to Morven: When Anika fell in coma, I consulted a famous research agency to develop and test two different ideas for coming up with 2 distinct cigarettes. I gave them two ideas to test. One idea was to come up with a cigarette having a few drops of beer in it and another idea was to develop a cigarette with a shiny gold coating to attract status-conscious people. It was decided that if research and testing yield positive results concerning the ideas; then, the cigarette with luxurious coating will be called Gold Flake and the one with beer drops in it will be called Gold Leaf. All research work and tests yielded positive results. It took agency 6 days to complete all the hard work.

John says further: I was left with 60 million dollars after spending 21 million dollars on research and development. I have 60 million dollars remaining and I am giving you 30 million dollars from the remaining money. I have already supplied test samples of cigarettes in the local market. Now, I want a favour from you which I know you can’t refuse since you said to me one day that you will help me whenever I need you. Now, I want you to advertise about Gold Flake and I will advertise the other tobacco product. Advertisement will cost 5 million dollars to each of us. We will advertise the product by giving people complete awareness about the harmful effects of cigarette. We will advertise and launch our tobacco product as competitors. If our products get success in the market; then, we’ll conduct research and find out the reason for buying. Are you with me?

Morven replies: Yes, I am with you since I also want to know why you are so sure that there are people who turn a deaf ear to words of importance. After two days, both John and Morven advertised their products on TV channels by giving a clear message to people about the harmful effects of smoking. They give people awareness about hazardous substances and chemicals like tar, benzene and arsenic which are used in cigarette in their advertisements. They also depicts in their ads how badly smoking affects lungs and heart. John runs a line that says: “Smoking Kills” in his ad and Morven displays a line in his ad in the end that says: “Live healthy life”.

Both of them spend 20 million dollars on the launch. After doing every activity to make cigarettes available in the market to target audience, they start getting the sales of their products and within 6 months their fixed cost get recovered. They launch the product internationally then and start earning profit from 7 month of their product launch and find out in a year that cigarettes they have launched stand amongst top 100 brands of the world today.

Morven and John conducts a research to find out why people are buying cigarettes though they were given a clear message about the harmful effects of smoking in ads. They find three reasons why people can’t quit smoking?

1)      Nicotine in cigarette make people addicted to it. It is addictive to them as cocaine and heroin.

2)      People feel a sense of satisfaction while smoking and they don’t care for people around them (passive smokers), 53,000 of whom die yearly by suffering through eye disorders and respiratory diseases.

3)      Smokers smoke to look different from people who don’t smoke and make their minds set not to quit smoking at any cost.

Morven get shocked after finding out that numerous passive smokers get killed by a cigarette yearly and suggest him to withdraw their cigarettes from all markets by giving a clear message to their audience that they are withdrawing the products because people who don’t want to risk their life inhales smoke unfortunately and dies yearly in huge numbers. John agrees to do that and tells Morven why some people turn a deaf year to words of importance. He says: those people think they are humans but they are like animals in reality since they think knowledge make them superior to animals but despite of the knowledge they favour a deed that not only harm them but also people around them. Morven nodes his head in agreement after listening to words of John.

After a day, they run an advertisement with their research findings and gives a clear message in their ad: “Smoking is hazardous to health, so quit smoking today to not only save yourself but also others around you”. After ringing the bell on minds of smokers and passive smokers through advertisement, John and Morven get back to their homes and spend their lives as they were spending before gambling with Anika. John takes admission in college by acquiring a scholarship and continue his studies while Morven start aiding his father in his business.

The end…



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