Management Defined…

There is not a single definition of management. Management has been defined by people in different ways. For instance, Mc Farland defines management as: “the process by which managers create, direct, maintain and operate purposive organizations through systematic, co-ordinated and co-operative human effort”.

Gibson and Ivancerich also define management as a process but they stress towards coordination while defining management. They say: “management is a process by which individuals and group effort is co-ordinated towards group goals”.

Terry views management as: “the distinct process which aims at accomplishing stated goals by the use of human resources and other resources”.

Koontz and O’Donnell define management as: “creation and maintenance of an internal environment in an enterprise where individuals working together in groups can perform efficiently and effectively towards the achievement of group goals”.

Dunn, Stephens and Kelly takes management as: “a role which includes a set of duties, responsibilities and relationships involved in work organizations”.

A comprehensive definition of management to whom most people will agree is as follow:

Management is a process of integrating and co-ordinating activities in effective and efficient manner while working with people and through people in order to achieve desired organizational objectives”.


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Ibrahim Saleem is a highly skilled professional who is well-versed with Web Content Writing and Client Relationship Management. He is an MBA in Marketing and is very well familiar with the terms associated with business. He is a man with positive attitude who does not like to miss opportunities.
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