Selfishness is a characteristic that is not treated respectfully and it is fair too. Selfish people only care for themselves and show no respect for others. In return of selfish behavior, they also earn disrespect of others. I, Me & Myself is all that matters to a selfish person. Being selfish is not a good thing in terms of personality yet there are people who don’t feel ashamed to be selfish. Let’s have a quick look at selfishness in relationships to find out how selfishness affects different relations:

Studying Selfishness in Relationships:


1. Selfish Parents: Selfish father and selfish mother are disliked by their children. They think whatever they do with their children is right and feel no regret for their actions. Selfish behavior of parents affects well-being of their children and they feel lonely in selfish world of their parents.


2. Selfish Siblings: Siblings can also be selfish. Person’s brother and sister together can be egocentric. If someone’s brother or sister does not like to share treats with him/her; then, it hurts his/her feelings.


3. Selfish Spouse: Selfishness of spouse can affect the marriage relationship of husband and wife. Selfish husband does not care for his wife and loves himself only. Similarly, selfish wife has no affection for her husband. Selfishness in marriage relationship leads towards divorce.


4. Selfish Friends: Girlfriend and boyfriend both can be selfish. Selfish girlfriend treats her boyfriend wrongfully while selfish boyfriend hurts his girlfriend with selfish behavior. Selfish friends use friends for their own advantages; thus, selfishness in friendship let friendship to be broken up.


5. Selfish Neighbors: Selfish neighbors are bad neighbors. Their egoistic nature stops them from doing any good with their neighbors. They are self-centered and do not like to assist their neighbors in any way. Consequently, they earn no respect from their neighbors.


6. Selfish Colleagues: Selfish colleagues think of securing their job only even if it takes to hurt their fellow colleagues. There are disloyal to work and affects organization’s productivity. Due to their untrustworthy nature, they are disliked by their co-workers.


7. Selfish Lovers: Is love selfish? Yes, it is the case if lovers care for themselves only. Suicide is selfish act yet a selfish lover will go for it if his/her parents are not happy with his/her selection. Committing suicide for love give grief to his/her parents.

Famous Quotes on Selfishness: Following are some famous quotes on selfishness by some famous authors:

  1. Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live; it is asking others to live as one wishes to live”. Quoted by Oscar Wilde
  2. One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody”. Quoted by Mother Teresa
  3. Those who do not hate their own selfishness and regard themselves as more important than the rest of the world are blind because the truth lies elsewhere”. Quoted by Blaise Pascal


Signs of Selfishness:

Following 5 characteristics are signs of selfishness:

  1.  Meanness
  2. Disloyalty
  3. Egocentricity
  4. Inconsideration
  5. Disrespectfulness   

Overcoming Selfishness:


Think positive, be optimistic. This is the way of dealing with selfish people. Go opposite to the way of selfish people to completely destroy their selfishness. Here is how to do away with their selfishness: Be kind to selfish people to get rid of meanness from them. Try to win trust of selfish person to make him/her loyal to you. Show altruism to selfish individuals so that they start thinking of others apart from themselves. Prove to selfish persons that you care for them and respect them so that they start to respect you.

In a nut shell, being not selfish to selfish people is the rule to eliminate their selfishness completely. 




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