Depression – What Causes It And How Can You Get Rid Of Depression?


Medical science defines depression as: “A mental condition described by severe feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, typically accompanied by a lack of energy and interest in life”.

Symptoms of Depression:

  1. Feelings of Helplessness and Despair.
  2. Lack of Interest in Everyday Activities.
  3. Gain or Loss of Mass.
  4. Oversleeping or Walking in Early Hours of Morning.
  5. Feeling Fatigue, Agitated or Guilty.
  6. Finding It Difficult To Focus On Things or Making Decisions.
  7. Abnormal Behavior.
  8. Ache or Pain Such As Headache or Back Pain.

Known Causes of Depression:

There are multiple known causes of depression which are mentioned below:

  • Stressful Events: Stressful events in life like death of a beloved person or divorce can be a cause of depression.
  • Severe Head Injury: Severe head injury can trigger depression.
  • Having a Wrong Personality Trait: Having a wrong personality trait like low self-esteem can cause depression.
  • Family Inheritance: If someone in your family like parent, brother or sister has suffered from depression in past; then; you may also suffer from it.      
  • Use of Alcohol or Taking Drugs: Using alcohol or taking drugs can also cause depression.  

Ambiguous Cause of Depression:

What occurs in brain to cause depression is not fully understood. Evidence suggests it may be due to variation in levels of three chemicals in brain; serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. These three chemicals control mood of a person. Research suggests that long-term stress also affects the level of chemicals in brain.

How to Get Rid of Depression?

Following three things can help you conquer depression:

1. Focus on Health and Fitness: Doing physical exercise free chemicals in your brain and boost your mood. Control your diet by eating food that is rich in depression-fighting nutrients such as dark green vegetables, fruits and yogurt. Take food that is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E such as carrots or nuts to keep your body in a better shape. Eat complex carbohydrates; opt for brown rice or whole grains to get rid of stress. Eat food that contains protein to boost your energy level and improve your mood. Spend some time in sunshine; your body produces Vitamin D to fight with depression when your skin is exposed to sun.

2. Visit a Counselor, See a Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist or Try Antidepressant Medication: If you cannot afford to see a psychiatrist; then, visit a counselor. A counselor can help you treat depression or mental illness with the help of speaking therapy. If you can afford to see a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist (psychotherapist); then, consult one of them. Clinical psychologist will use psychotherapy to treat depression while psychiatrist combines therapy with medication to treat depression. If the psychiatrist prescribes you antidepressant medication; then, you should use it.

3. Try Uncommon Ways of Treatment- Either Go For ECT or Use Herbal Therapy: If medication fails to get rid of depression; then, it means you have major depressive disorder. You can opt for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to treat major depression. The procedure of ECT is voluntary and you will be given shocks under mild anesthesia so that you experience no discomfort. If your depression is mild to moderate but not severe; then, you can use the herb, St. John’s wort to treat depression.


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