Street Crimes – A Complete Study


Any criminal offense in a public place is termed as a Street Crime. Mobile Snatching, Pickpocketing and Illegal Drugs Trade are some examples of street crimes. Different news media show that criminals who seek quick financial gains initiate most street crimes. However, some street crimes are executed by organized individuals having a common goal of profiteering.

Who Perpetrates A Street Crime Generally And Who Become Its Victim?          

Mostly, youth are the perpetrators of street crimes though anyone can become victim of a street crime.

Where Street Crimes Usually Take Place?      

It is a common observation that such crimes usually take place in big cities. Karachi (City of Pakistan), Caracas (City of Venezuela) and Abidjan (City of Ivory Coast/Cote d’Ivoire) are example of some cities having high rate of street crimes. Lack of law and order is the reason why street crimes are common in these cities.

What Encourage Street Crimes?

Unemployment and illiteracy encourage street crimes. A person who is unemployed for a longer period of time may become a street criminal. Illiterate persons know not much about right and wrong, so they also become street criminals.

How A Person Or People May Feel By Becoming Victim Of A Street Crime?

A street crime can hurt a person or people, both physically and emotionally. Different people will feel in a different way by becoming victim of a street crime. Physically, a person may feel numb or become afraid while some people may be shaking after becoming a prey of street crime. Emotionally, a person or people will feel nervous after becoming victim of a street crime.

3 Suggestions to People to Save Themselves from Becoming Victim of A Street Crime

  1. If you are travelling through a local bus; then, either sit at a place where driver can see you or sit at the backseat so that you can watch movement of everyone in the bus.
  2. If you have valuable objects; then, you should not tell about those objects to everyone around you.
  3. Take popular routes while travelling and avoid going through narrow streets.

In a nutshell, street crimes can be reduced or even be eliminated from the human race if every person in the world is considered equal in terms of justice.


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