Nuts and Bolts about a T-Shirt

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A t-shirt is a piece of clothing that is, very versatile. With a t-shirt, a wearer can adopt a formal, as well as an informal style. It is a breathable piece of fabric. T-shirts are generally of two types i.e., long sleeves and short sleeves. Short sleeves t-shirts are casual, while long sleeves t-shirts can be worn casually and formally too. If you want to wear a long sleeves t-shirt casually; then you can roll up its sleeves; for a formal look, you can wear long sleeves t-shirt in the way that it appears. Now, let us see 5 advantages of a t-shirt:

  • With a t-shirt, you can breathe well.
  • A t-shirt can be worn casually as well as formally depending on the situation.
  • It is an inexpensive wardrobe accessory.
  • A tee always remains in fashion.
  • One can feel comfortable in a t-shirt.

Short sleeves t-shirts only work in summer, while long sleeve t-shirts can work in winter, as well as summer. So one can say that t-shirts are meant for all seasons, be it spring, fall, summer, and winter. Lastly, t-shirts come in different forms in the marketplace; for instance, as a ringer and a raglan tee.

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